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Yucca Loma Bridge Breaks Ground

The Town of Apple Valley is hosting the ground breaking ceremony 10:am this morning.  The much-anticipated bridge will provide an east-west connection, giving an alternate route to the residents of the Victor Valley.

It is midway between the two existing Mojave River crossings at Highway 18 and Bear Valley Road. It is the natural extension of Yucca Loma Road, which has for two decades been designated a “Major Road” per the Town’s Circulation Element of Apple Valley’s General Plan.

This project is a component of the larger  Yucca Loma Road/Yates Road/Green Tree Blvd. Transportation Project that ties to the City of Victorville – Nisqualli Road Interchange project. To qualify for congestion relief funds, the bridge must not only get our citizens across the river, but ultimately connect to a direct route to I-15, per the projects conditions.

**The ceremony is expected to begin at 10:00am in near Highway 18. The exact location will be on Yucca Loma Road, head west until the pavement ends, just before the river bed.

Photo: Yucca Loma Bridge Artist Rendition

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