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Wrightwood Couple Victims of Debit Card Fraud

WRIGHTWOOD:( Early this week a Wrightwood couple noticed that $500 was missing from their bank account. Upon checking into things they realized that two withdrawals, which they were unaware of, were made from their account. One withdrawal was in the amount of $200 and three days later there was one in the amount of $300.

The withdrawals were made at DCB in the city of Wrightwood, which is not the institution the couple banks with. “I do not use the ATM anywhere but at our bank, the store and for gas. I always go in side. How someone got the information we are not sure, but it is a possibility that it was a code reader. There is a full investigation right now and we hope to find some answers within a few days.” said Wrightwood resident, Janet Griffith.

Griffith shared her experience with friends on Facebook in hopes that they can check their accounts and be careful so, hopefully the same will not happen to them. Since the funds were taken from an actual ATM machine at the bank, they are thinking someone must have made an actual card made to steal these funds. “We have to wait ten days to get the money back, but our bank is having their investigators go through all the information. We have to fill paperwork out. How this happened, we don’t have a clue, but our bank is very good at getting the job done and we hope to have answers very quickly.” added Griffith.

At this time the bank is conducting an investigation, if you have any information or if the same thing had happened to you please contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department at (760) 868-1006.

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