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Women Caught On Door Cam Stealing Donations From Porch

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( A Victorville woman wants her neighbors to be on alert after 2 women were seen on camera stealing donations from a front porch.

Ana Turner, 60, of Victorville, left 3 packages on her doorstep for collection on November 29th but returned home to find they had been stolen.

The donation was authorized to be collected by the Epilepsy Foundation but instead was intercepted and made off with by thieves.

Turner and her family donate a few times a year to various charities, and as protocol, the charities leave a note on the door after the items have picked up.

Turner decided to review the Ring cam, a motion activated camera hidden inside a door bell, after returning home to an empty porch.

The cam captured clear video of the two woman taking the donations from the 12000 block of Jason Lane at 9:44 a.m., Tuesday morning. (Scroll past video to continue reading)

Ana’s daughter, Lois Turner, shared the video on the Victor Valley News‘ Facebook group in hopes of notifying others.

“I understand that people do struggle but this was stealing,” stated Lois Turner, ” and I also saw that somebody else commented that they have seen videos of the same blonde woman stealing from other people’s homes.”

The courier truck for the foundation arrived later and was informed by the family about the donations being stolen. The foundation was able to confirm they did not pick up the items.

During the holiday season there tend to be an uptick in front porch door thefts. You can refer to our recently published article on how to prevent package thefts during the holidays for some helpful tips.

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