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Woman needs help finding her missing wheelchair

BARSTOW, Calif. ( – A paralyzed woman needs the public’s help in finding her wheel chair that was lost after it was accidentally left behind.

Dawn Gonzales, 47, has been unable to walk since July 2013 when she was critically injured during an ATV accident and has relied on a wheelchair to help her get around.

On December 21, 2017, Dawn drove from Laguna Woods, CA to visit her mother who had just undergone surgery in Las Vegas. During her trip, she stopped for gas and snacks at the ARCO gas station located at 100 Montana Road in Barstow.

As Dawn left the business and got back into her vehicle she forgot about her wheelchair and drove away. When she realized it was gone, she turned back around but the wheelchair was already gone.

Wendi Gonzales told Victor Valley News her sisters undergone extensive rehab and the chair was custom-made to fit Dawn’s size.

Wendi said she’s made numerous attempts to speak with management at the ARCO in hopes of viewing the surveillance video,however, she’s been unsuccessful in doing so.

The missing wheelchair has a custom lime green metallic paint with a Vera light evolution cushion. The cost of replacing the NU Motion wheelchair will run Dawn $3980.00.

Anyone with information on the wheelchair is asked to call Wendy Gonzales at 949-521-3099.

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