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Winter Watering Hours Now In Effect For Victorville Water District

Victorville, CA—The Victorville Water District is reminding customers that Winter Watering Hours are now in effect. From October through May, permitted watering hours for automated sprinkler irrigation are between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

These watering hours are in place to prevent water loss and ice during the winter months. Evening temperatures in the Victor Valley have already dropped into the 40’s this month. In a few more weeks, temperatures could fall below freezing, and this can lead to hazardous ice conditions on sidewalks and in streets from water run-off.

When changing watering hours, residents are also encouraged to reduce watering frequency and duration. Most landscaping needs less water during the winter months, so watering times can be reduced.

Customers should also get their irrigation systems ready for the winter months. Residents should insulate outside faucets, above ground pipes, and hose bibs to prevent against leaks caused by freezing. Pre-formed foam covers, or insulation or rags covered in plastic wrap can be used to insulate outdoor pipes.

Water Conservation Specialists are available to answer questions and concerns from residents and businesses about water conservation and high usage. Free site visits are available to assist water customers in programming their irrigation timer to match the Winter Watering Hours.

For more information or to schedule a site visit, call the Victorville Water District Conservation Division at 866-955-4426.

For an uncontrolled water leak at your home or one observed in the District service area, contact the after-hours emergency line: 760-245-6424.

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