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Wind Energy Project Application Withdrawn

After an outcry by those against the North Peak Wind Energy Project, many citing loss of land for wildlife, lower property values and the loss of the desert skyline view many desert natives appreciate, the wind energy farm will no longer be a concern.

On Friday, October 24th a land management official processed and approved a request to withdraw the application. Most are still guarded with their celebrations, “It’s a win for sure, we’ve been fighting this for a very long time. I’m sure the fight is not over, they’ll want more projects all over our beautiful desert. And we must stay strong and stop them.” said Bill N Alyn Peterson on a Victor Valley News post.

Along with those against it, there were also those that supported the renewable source of natural energy produced by the desert winds facilitating 40 plus, 300-500 foot tall windmills. The land use for the North Peak Wind Energy project, proposed to have the energy farm in the unpopulated rural area of Apple Valley, the highlands east of Milpas Road. “Cheaply generated electricity benefits EVERYONE. With the closure of the nuclear plant in San Clemente SCE is going to have a hard time meeting demand for generation in So Ca which means that in order to balance/cut back use the PUC will grant another rate increase.” stated Shanay Stowe-Ramirez in a Victor Valley News post. “While the wind farm would not make up for ALL of the electricity generated by the nuclear power plant it WOULD help offset the loss & keep our rates at a manageable level.”

So for now the renewable energy project, expected to generate enough power for 35,000 homes and create up to 200 local job opportunities is stopped or at very least temporarily put on hold.

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