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Which Victor Valley City Ranks Most Dangerous?

VICTORVILLE-(VVNG.com):  Victor Valley News reported in a recent article that Victorville was ranked in the top 10 most dangerous cities to live in based on a May 12, 2016,  report released by the Law Offices of Graham Donath

The other major Victor Valley area cities did not make the list, not because of the impeccable safety of the city but because they did not meet the 100,000 or more population required to be on the 65-city list. This left readers with the unanswered question about how other Victor Valley cities ranked in comparison with the City of Victorville.

Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville vary greatly in population size from just over 30,000 in Adelanto to Victorville with over 100,oo0.  Accurately ranking these cities was not cut and dry. 

Raw data did not reflect the population disparities, meaning numbers had to be manipulated in a way where they could accurately compare each city. Crime rates in each category, population size, and other information was collected from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Annual report.

When all crime categories were used including murder, manslaughter,rape, robbery, aggravated assault, simple assault, burglary, larceny and grand theft auto Victorville ranked #1 as the most dangerous. The City of Adelanto came in a close second using these crimes as a whole. Apple Valley came out with the least crimes of the four cities compared.

“Having so many prisons in the Valley has not been good for the community as a whole,” said Linda Hedges, on a Victor Valley News article comment.  “For a long time there was great resistance to allowing prisons and jails up here, and the community push-back usually won against them. After George Air Force base closed in the mid-1990’s, a vacuum developed that has been filled by the prison industry. Where you have prisons, you have family units relocating to be in proximity to their family members.”

When only murder, manslaughter, and rape were compared, Adelanto came in #1 as the least safe Victor Valley area city, with Victorville following in the #2 position and Apple Valley again appearing to be the safest.

A major factor in the crime can be attributed to one of the several factors, including lack of adequate police presence throughout the given city. 

The highest resident to deputy ratio with 2144 residents per deputy was Hesperia with Adelanto following with 2068 residents per deputy. Also, the square miles of the city should be considered with Adelanto having around 20 less square miles than the other three cities compared.

Although Victorville’s was considered one of the worst as far as police investment (or presence) compared with the 65 cities listed on the report released by the Law Offices of Graham Donath, it is the best out of the four cities compared on this report.

Unemployment rates are also among the factors that can contribute to crime with Adelanto residents leading with over 9% unemployed with Hesperia coming in second with nearly 8%. The National Average is 5% and the State average for California is nearly 5.5%.

Although crime statistics and ranking from the Law Offices of Graham Donath report together were disheartening to most Victorville residents, many vowed to take their city back. “Crime affects communities, and it can paralyze communities to the point where no one saw or heard anything,” said Ralph Martinez on a Victor Valley News article comment. “There should be no reason why any city, neighborhood or community tolerates any level of crime.”





State and city unemployment data collected from https://unemployment-rates.careertrends.com/
State and city unemployment data collected from https://unemployment-rates.careertrends.com/



The charts below are by Police Station, and includes the Victor Valley Station which is not represented on the above written report. 



For more information see the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Annual report.

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