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(VVNG) – Everyone has their willpower tested in regards to diet and nutrition on a daily basis. The good news is that the more you build your willpower, the easier it will become to deal with tempting foods. Build your will power muscles and your weight loss will be guaranteed.

Daily test. Your willpower is like a muscle and similar to a muscle, it will fatigue when it’s used over and over. Every food decision is another rep, much like a rep when you’re in the gym. Perform enough reps, or make enough decisions, and your willpower muscle will fade. The number of food decisions you make on a daily basis is astounding. Think about a person that must commute for work. As they drive to work, they are bombarded with billboards that are designed to get you to pull over and grab a fast food breakfast sandwich. At the office, co-workers may have candy dishes or bring donuts for everyone a couple times per week. When lunchtime rolls around, they are at the mercy of fast food establishments or restaurants in close proximity to the office. By the end of the day their will power muscle has been exhausted and they are more likely to grab a pizza or burgers for themselves or the entire family.

Schedule for success. According to Cornell University, the average person makes over 200 food decisions a day! When you consider all the commercials, print ads, radio jingles and logos splashed all over town, it’s not hard to believe. In fact, every time your eyes spot food, your brain must decide to eat it or deny it. One of the best tips for will power success is to stop making decisions and start making commitments. Schedule your meals, plan out your time to workout and don’t let anything interfere with it and your willpower will be unstoppable.

Become known as “that person”. We all know “that person”. In many cases, people are afraid to be known as “that person” but I think being known as “that person” is highly beneficial for you to reach your weight loss goals. Who is “that person”? They are the person known in their family, at the office, among their friends and in their neighborhood as the person that eats healthy and exercises regularly. When you’re known as the “that person”, everyone in your life will catch on that their high-calorie foods are politely rejected by you. Remember, your weight loss willpower is like a muscle and every rejection is another rep that will build it.

About the author

About the author

Dustin Bogle is a trainer at Kokomo Fitness in Hesperia Read more health articles on his newsletter at

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