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We Are Stronger Together Than Apart; Prayer for Peace March A Success



VICTORVILLE, CALIF: ( Triple-digit temperatures didn’t stop those who gathered together to participate in the Every City Movement Prayer for Peace March on Saturday morning.

The peaceful march was organized by Apostle Michael Hart of Spirit Filled Family Church, with the purpose of bringing people together while praying for peace and unity amongst the community.

“We did this march to bring awareness to our community of the power to effect change when we come together. We are stronger together than we are apart,” stated Apostle Hart.

“Our hope is that the high desert will be a light to a city, a county, a state, a nation and the world. Showing people that we can still have hope in God and humanity to overcome even times like these.”

Although the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies were at the march to help ensure everyone’s safety and prevent potential traffic issues, they went above the call of duty by participating in the prayer walk. The deputies walked close to four miles while in their uniforms and in full gear.

The march concluded with deputies and community members gathered together in a circle while locking hands. Apostle Hart led the group in prayer for the community and safety of the officers.

“People are also stressed by the burden of everyday life and not being able to provide for even the necessities of life. It is true that we are living in a stressful time and it is easy to believe that we are alone… The truth is, we are not,” he stated.

“There can be justice for those who have suffered loss, there can be peace in our communities. But the first step is our prayer… Our willingness to come together in the ways that we can to make our communities safe again.”

Apostle Hart would like to thank Spirit Filled Family Church, Victor Valley News and The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for their support.

You can listen to Apostle Michael Hart​’s live on the radio on his “Hart to Heart” morning show every weekday from 8am to 10am on 98.7 FM.

(photo by Hugo C. Valdez, Victor Valley News)

(photo by Hugo C. Valdez, Victor Valley News)



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