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“Waldog” the Abandoned Hesperia Walmart Dog Rescued

HESPERIA:( In mid-August the Victor Valley community started hearing tidbits of a story of a black mixed breed dog being dropped off by a vehicle at Walmart by some people suspected to be his owner.  Pictures surfaced of a scared medium to large size black dog that would only come out of waldoghiding after midnight, going back into hiding before the first signs of daylight. The vehicle that left after dumping the terrified dog in the middle of the night at the Walmart on Main in Hesperia, sped off as the dog, now lovingly called “Walmart Dog” or “Waldog” chased behind it.

For over a month, dog lovers have fed this apparently young dog and tried to gain trust in order to attempt to coax him into their vehicles. Walmart employees have also given the young dog food and water.  Although he would come up closer to eat, they found that he was quite skittish, leaving rescuers to leave and try again the following nights. “Waldog”, as he became known on Victor Valley News, Victor Valley Pets and Victor Valley 411 was not seen during daylight hours, only making himself visible at night.

Some people felt that Waldog was waiting for his owners to return, since dogs likely do not understand the full concept of abandonment. On September 16th Victor Valley Pets member Jody Lopez said, “There are so many posts about this dog I try to update everyone, Debbie feeds herhart nightly, trying to gain her trust, found a foster/new owner for waldog and Hailey has a trap hopefully we can use as a last resort”.

On September 19th, after the efforts many days by several rescue volunteers as well as just animal lovers, Waldog was captured at about 2:00 a.m.  Victor Valley Pets member, Annie Hart posted the following update,”She is safe! Rescued her around 2 am today. Read all about it on”.  Those following this heart wrenching story were thrilled to find out Waldog was captured, safe and on the path to find a forever home.

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