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VVTA Launches TouchPass Mobile Fare Payment App for VVTA Bus Riders

HESPERIA, Calif. — Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) today launched its TouchPass electronic fare collection (EFC) system, enabling passengers to purchase fare products online and ride VVTA buses using a smart card or mobile app.

The new hassle-free payment options streamline the passenger boarding process and to help maintain on-time performance.

Technology is central to the mission of VVTA, and with The TouchPass Card or Mobile App available on the App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android), passengers with the TouchPass Card or the Touch Pass Mobile App simply tap their card or show their smartphone to the TouchPass reader by the fare box to ride the bus.

Developed by Delerrok, VVTA began piloting the system with a soft launch in early September 2019 to great success. Since then, VVTA migrated many of its popular paper bus passes to TouchPass smart cards. Now, to begin 2020 looking towards the future, TouchPass is now available to all passengers.

“Boarding the bus is now as easy as flashing a pass or mobile phone app at the TouchPass reader located near the farebox when boarding,” said VVTA Deputy Director Nancie Goff. “Gone are the days of fumbling around for exact change on a crowded bus with a line of anxious passengers behind you. The TouchPass system makes boarding stress free. The ability to prepay for fare makes budgeting simple.”
“ VVTA is driven to provide the latest technology that will VVTA enhance our passenger’s experience,” said VVTA Executive Director Kevin Kane. “With the recent addition of onboard WiFi, electronic fare payment is VVTA’s natural next step into the future.”
The TouchPass account-based electronic fare collection system stores account information on secure servers rather than on the cards themselves, as was the with case older systems of this type. This allows passengers to buy fare products anywhere, including ticket windows, online, and on the mobile app. Once purchased, fare can be used instantly. 

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