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VVNG Community Shoe Drive

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Photo: Alex Canadas & Lupe Torres with team CHASE at Mavericks MudRun 2013

SHOES FOR A CAUSE is a non-profit organization and was founded approximately 2 years ago, in the belief that everybody should have a pair of shoes most especially those at the grass root level to protect their feet from footborne diseases and infections. The organization is focused on obtaining and collecting shoes especially from MudRun events, shoe donations from curb alerts and shoe donations from community members as well.

SHOES FOR A CAUSE recently attended the Mavericks MudRun in Adelanto, during the event volunteers collected muddy shoes as participants finished the course. The shoes are than washed and left to dry before they are shipped to the Philippines for distribution.

After enough shoes are collected they are packaged and shipped to the most remote area of the northern Philippines. After receiving the shoes, the volunteers there will distribute the shoes amongst the impoverished community’s of Tuba & Kapangan along with many other sub-communities called barangays.

Founder Mr. Rommel Densen shared the following message on the organizations website.

“Having a pair of shoe to others is fashion and to some an everyday outfit but some less unfortunate ones it is a necessity. While, we are so fortunate enough to have a pair of shoe for ourselves there are those who seldom cannot afford to have one. This holds through with the farmers and their families in the far flung areas of Benguet (northern part of the Philippines). Everyday, they walk miles going to their farms stepping on mud, stones and rocks and taking to consideration from the scorching heat of the sun and wet pathwalks during rainy season. They put themselves at risk for foot borne diseases and susceptible to infections.​

We, at SHOES FOR A CAUSE believes that it’s not how many miles we have placed on our pair of shoe that matters but what is important is as long as it is still durable, wearable to be donated and still can be used by others that is all that matters. It’s like in sharing and donating our shoes there’s a part of us that shares our life’s journey to others by the pair of shoe we donate because shoe take us every day to certain destinations in our daily endeavors in life, in that way by donating a pair of shoe it’s like we travel together with those less fortunate ones in their quest of lives and giving them hope and joy to face their day to day.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 7.11.49 AMSHOES FOR A CAUSE is still looking for shoe donors like you. “We believe in the saying that says “An echo of kindness will echo through a lifetime”. By merely donating, its a gesture of giving and sharing to others a little of what have to those less fortunate ones who have nothing compared to us.” Victor Valley News would like to get our community involved and help contribute to this great cause. A VVNG shoe drive will run for the entire month of August and anyone wishing to donate shoes may do so by visiting High Desert Pickers Thrift Store located at 11650 I Ave, Hesperia 92345. Please call the store for business hours at 760-508-4941.


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