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VV Pets Success Story

UPDATE: Reunited Today!

Thanks to the strong work of the community and once again the power of social media, today Maria, a family pet, was reunited with her human family!

I am very thankful to say that an awesome couple, by the name of Chris and Laura, took in Maria when she was lost. They immediately contacted Victor Valley Pets and submitted a photo.

Thankfully a person saw the missing picture across their feed and recognized it as being there friends dog.

Photo : Tara Alyshe Lloyd
Photo : Tara Alyshe Lwe received the picture Chris and Laura provided, it was posted here. The very next morning we received a comment from a person stating she knew the pet owner and that the children would be so excited to find out.

Now Maria is back home and reunited with her family. Thank you all for caring enough to make this happen!

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Found German Shepherd mix approximately 8 months old by Spring Valley Equestrian. If you know who this pet may belong to, please message leave a comment.

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