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VIDEO:Unlawful Use of Force? Suspect Kicked and Punched Following Pursuit

APPLE VALLEY– ( Proper treatment of suspect, even a convicted criminals is part of the training that law enforcement goes through in order to earn their badge. Following protocol is part of what is required to maintain that badge. Victor Valley News, as many know are pro-law enforcement. At most times, our law enforcement deserves the utmost respect for putting their lives in danger to protect our life and our property. NBC 4 provided footage of what appears to be a police beating a suspect following a nearly 3 hour long pursuit.

The video shows the suspect, a white male adult, falling from a stolen horse to the ground after apparently being stunned by use of a taser. The man appeared to attempt to get up a couple of times prior to being subdued, after being stunned two additional times. At that point, the man laid on his stomach with his hands behind his back. The deputies walk up to the man, and kick him, punch him and proceed knee him. Several more officers approached the man, and  follow with their own brutality, one deputy even stopping to pull one-off then continuing to kick him himself.

“I’m all for cops and what they do, but this was completely unjustified,” said  Francisco Perez  on a Victor Valley News Facebook group post.

A Victor Valley News reporters contacted San Bernardino County Sheriff’s public information officer Cindy Bachman she said, “I am in the process of preparing a press release. I have not seen the video so I am unable to comment on it.”  When explained to her what we witnessed via NBC video footage, she said, “then I would not be able to be much help to you”.

Reporters also reached out to Sheriff John McMahon who was unavailable for comment due to an impromptu Sheriff’s briefing taking place at as of 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 9th.


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