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VIDEO: Pickup truck refuses to move for semi making a turn onto Highway 395 in Adelanto

ADELANTO, Calif. ( — Javier Ortega was waiting at the intersection of Highway 395 and Air Expressway in Adelanto when he witnessed a standoff between a pickup truck and a semi.

Cell phone video of the incident taken on August 30, 2019, shows a tractor-trailer blocking the intersection after the driver is unable to make a wide right-hand turn onto US-395 from Air Expressway.

A blue Ford Raptor traveling south on 395 was stopped for a red light and waiting to turn left.

Javier was shocked when he realized the driver of the pickup truck which had plenty of room to reverse wouldn’t budge for the semi and decided to record the incident.

“The driver in the blue truck simply wouldn’t budge 🤨. If it hadn’t been by the miracle of an officer driving by, the standoff could have gone on much longer,” stated Javier.

Approximately one minute into the video a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s patrol unit traveling on the highway pulls alongside the pickup truck.

Javier said the cop showed up and told the guy in the truck to back up so the semi could get around.

Javier shared his video to the Victor Valley News Group on Facebook prompting various opinions.

“People think driving a big rig makes easy turns like vehicles give them a break smh,” stated Manny Corea.

“At that light, they’re doing road work so they moved the lane over to be extremely narrow. I drive through there all day and I’d say about one in four times I have to back up there to give them clearance to turn now,” stated another commenter.

Javier said the driver of the truck was not cited and drove off.

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