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Victorville Resident Asks that Pranksters Return to Complete Work

VICTORVILLE -( On Saturday, November 29th Victorville resident, James Brand, parked his vehicle in a driveway of a neighboring house in the Brentwood area, near El Evado road and El grande way per his prior agreement with the home owner. The alarm equipped vehicle was left unattended in the driveway from 7:00 p.m. until midnight.

Photo By: James Brand
Photo By: James Brand

Brand went outside along with his girlfriend’s cousin, who he was giving a ride home when he discovered an approximately 7 foot long yellow car decal on his passenger side door. “I’ve asked all of my friends about it, and they all thought I was joking, and we know how protective we are over our cars. My friends and I don’t have the money to waste on a 7 foot decal,” said Brand, while laughing at the odd situation.

He spoke with neighbors, who had no information to provide. One neighbor said that he heard the alarm chirping a bit so he let his dogs out into the gated front yard area. Brand joked that he kind of liked it and would be leaving it on until he paints his vehicle. All he asks, in a joking yet semi-serious manner,  is that whoever did it would come back to put one on the driver’s side of the vehicle also.

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