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Victorville Mom Revolutionizes Birria Tacos with EZ Bombs, Auditions on ‘Shark Tank’

VICTORVILLE, Calif. – Tina Castaneda, a determined mother from Victorville, California, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way birria tacos are made.

Little did she know, her new business, EZ Bombs, would experience unprecedented success within a remarkably short period.

After sharing her first video of her birria bombs on social media on November 6, it became evident that Castaneda had struck a chord with a solution that offered both authentic flavors and effortless cooking. The overwhelming response, with over 1 million views, signaled the start of something big.

Initially, the first week of November, Castaneda saw only a few orders trickling in. However, by the second week, the demand had soared, with 700 orders pouring in on November 19. As Castaneda’s children, Brandon Castaneda and Nichole Munoz, assisted her, the business gained momentum, with orders consistently surpassing expectations.

Thousands of EZ Bombs have been shipped around the world in just over two months (Screengrab from TIkTok video)

Despite restocking several hundred EZ Bombs in November and December, the product consistently sold out within minutes. During a recent restock, Castaneda witnessed an astonishing feat as she sold 1,800 units in just four minutes.

With her sights set high, Castaneda took her product to Las Vegas, where she pitched EZ Bombs to the producers of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ during an audition for the show, which features renowned business moguls such as Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary.

Castaneda was amongst 300 other entrepreneurs who showed up to The Venetian on Friday hoping their products make it onto season 16.

Expressing her gratitude, Castaneda remarked, “We are beyond blessed, thankful, and I can’t thank everyone enough for all their support, their orders, and their comments.”

Her journey in the culinary world began in her childhood, where she developed a fondness for traditional Mexican recipes. However, as time became a precious commodity in adulthood, she sought out a simpler and easier way to create authentic birria without compromising on taste.

“Now that I’m a mother and a grandmother, I wanted to create something that was simple, that was easy, that everyone can make and everybody can eat” she said, “I figured that there has to be an easier way to cook birria and still have that authentic traditional taste and flavor.”

Combining her knowledge of traditional Mexican cuisine with modern convenience, Castaneda meticulously curated a secret blend of spices and herbs, resulting in the birth of EZ Bombs. These bombs, when introduced to a dish, dissolve to release a burst of authentic Mexican flavors, effortlessly seasoning a variety of dishes, from birria tacos to birria ramen.

“Now, I just grab one of these, put it in four cups of water, with 1-3 pounds of chuck roast , I close the crockpot, I got to work and when I come back, I got a great dinner all ready to go,” she said.

Driven by overwhelming support, Castaneda has diligently worked to expand her business, now employing seven full-time staff members. The family’s next step includes relocating their operations within the next 30 days to a newly acquired commercial kitchen with industrial warehouse space to accommodate their growing needs.

Castaneda’s unwavering dedication and determination have not gone unnoticed. Her son Brandon expressed admiration for her relentless work ethic and commitment to simplifying the process of making birria, eagerly anticipating the continued success of EZ Bombs.

“I respect her hustle so much, she’s always hard at work, and she really wants to make making birria super easy, super simple, and she just cannot wait for everyone to try her EZ Bombs.”

For those eager to experience EZ Bombs, the next restock is scheduled for Saturday, January 13, at 10:00 a.m. on their website

Castaneda mentioned that once she is aware of the outcome of the Shark Tank audition, she will provide updates on EZBombs’ social media channels.

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