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Victorville man hoisted to safety after falling at Bonita Falls



FONTANA, Calif. ( — A 33-year-old Victorville man was hoist rescued to safety after falling and injuring himself at Bonita Falls in the Lytle Creek area.

It happened on Saturday, June 23, 2017, after the victim, Anthony Torrero, was attempting to climb a rock wall at the base of the falls. Torrero slipped and fell several feet to the valley floor causing him to sustain injuries that prevented him from hiking out on his own, officials said.

Several of his hiking companions ran towards the nearest road to receive cell signal and called 911.

The Sheriff’s helicopter Air Rescue 306 responded and quickly located Torrero at the base of Bonita Falls. “Due to the remote area and the nature of Torrerro’s injuries, the crew decided a hoist rescue would be the most appropriate means to remove Torrero from the area,” stated a sheriff’s news release.

The helicopter crew lowered a rescue harness down to Torrero and hoisted him up to the helicopter, he was flown to the Lytle Creek Ranger Station and transferred to a waiting ambulance for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.



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