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Victorville Deputy’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral

VICTORVILLE-( Deputies are on the streets to protect and serve, but in order to know what their job includes you would have to watch very closely. These deputies keep our streets safe patrolling and responding to calls of those in distress from one of many situations. Some of the situations deputies respond to are some that cause fear and unknown safety concerns.

Catching these good deeds on camera is a difficult event, it is about being in the right place at the right time. Recently, John Haston did just that, taking photos that really speak a thousand words.

Deputy Nathan Sims was captured sitting on a bus bench at Bear Valley and Tamarisk Roads next to an older gentleman. The man was sitting beside the bench in a wheelchair during the hot and humid September day.

Heston sent a letter in expressing his gratefulness for such actions thanking Deputy Sims for his service.

My name is John Haston and I wanted to share this short story with you involving one of your deputies; Deputy Nathan Sims. I was traveling westbound on Bear Valley Rd about 11:00 am this morning and noticed a deputy sitting on a bus bench next to an elderly man who himself was sitting in a wheelchair. The scene led my thoughts to believe that the  the deputy was paying honor and respect to this gentleman, almost as a friend would, perhaps just keeping him company as he waited for the bus to arrive. I was in no particular rush so I circled back around through a lot of traffic…I enjoy scenes like this.

Thank you Sir for the integrity of this man under your supervision. Well done! Thank you Deputy Sims  for your service.

I have one question. Where are the news cameras when these kind services are rendered?

I do hope that you were able to view these photos.

Be safe. Stay safe.

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