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Victorville City Awards $1.6 Million in Hud Grants to Local Programs

VICTORVILLE, Calif. – On Thursday, May 11, 2017, the City of Victorville announced that it will award an estimated $1.6 M in grant monies from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to local programs designed to increase economic opportunities, improve living conditions and expand fair housing for Victorville citizens.

According to an annual action plan approved by the Victorville City Council last month, the City will award $1.3 M in Community Development Block Grants and $312,233 in HOME Funds for fiscal year 2017 – 2018. Community Development Block Grants can be used to promote the development of viable, urban communities while HOME funds are intended to provide decent affordable housing in the community.

The list of grant recipients includes local community-based programs such as High Desert Homeless Services, Transitional Living Connection, Moses House Ministries, San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services and Victor Valley Domestic Violence. Monies were also awarded to various City programs such as the Library, graffiti abatement program, facade improvement and the Activities Center.

The City of Victorville received 35 grant applications that were reviewed by the City’s Community Planning and Development Grants Review Committee. The Committee’s recommendations were presented to the City Council on April 18 and approved unanimously. The grant awards are subject to change if revisions are made to the federal budget.

For more information about the City of Victorville’s Housing and Urban Development Action Plan, contact the City’s Economic Development Team at (760) 243-6312.

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