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Victor Valley News is Seeking Nominations for Thanksgiving Meals


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VICTORVILLE– ( Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for what we do have. Many American families are conditioned to compare themselves only to those who have more, making many feel unworthy or unthankful. Of course, wanting to work harder and do more is an honorable quality, but so is being appreciative. Appreciative for our family, our health, a roof over our heads, utilities still on, a job and/or a vehicle.

Many of us forget this throughout the year only remembering during the holidays and some even then only thinking about black Friday sales. Victor Valley News in conjunction with the Baldy Mesa Improvement Association (Rose O’Leary Community Center), several local businesses and our community have got what was needed to help 35 families with meals this Thanksgiving. Of course, we are still not turning down tax-deductible donations until we distribute on Tuesday, in order to have the least turn down of requests but we are amazed with the generosity of our great community.

We had four major business contributors this year, Print Post Plus with a $100 donation plus flyer printing for food donations, Azmi with Simple Auto Insurance with $100 donation plus an extra dinner for a family in need, One Stop Fix with their very generous $100 donation and Druckenmiller Roofing with their 10 turkey donation. We also had a lot of help from Toni Cici Mason and friends as well as many other private contributors that at this time are still contributing making a number over 35 a possibility.

These meals are uncooked and will need to be picked up on Tuesday evening from the Rose O’ Leary Center in Victorville on the Phelan border in the Baldy Mesa area. We are hoping for mostly third-party nominations, but all will be considered. We are asking everyone to only request if there is no way you or the family nominated will be able to make a Thanksgiving meal happen on their own and those who have not already received assistance from another group or organization. If you have a family that you feel would benefit from one of these meals please fill out the Thanksgiving Basket Request form (you may have difficulty accessing the form by mobile device, if you can please use a PC, if you are unable to please post as much information regarding your request as a comment or a private message to a Victor Valley News group admin or by sending a private message to the Victor Valley News Fan Page.

We hope this will bring a little bit of relief and hope to families in need. From the Victor Valley News Family to yours Happy Thanksgiving.

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