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Victor Valley Family Rewarded in a Small Way for a Good Deed

HESPERIA-(VVNG.com): More often than not, good deeds go unnoticed or unrewarded.  Victor Valley News, along with three awesome local businesses want to thank the Kochara family for going above and beyond to help make the Victor Valley a better place.

On the morning of May 17, 2015, Shannon Kochara was driving along Main Street in Hesperia, when something stood out and immediately grabbed her attention. Shannon noticed the roadside memorial dedicated to the family of five, killed in a Mother’s Day traffic accident had been vandalized.

People drive by daily and expect to see the memorial, many reliving the sad feelings they had when the traffic collision occurred and some saying a little prayer for those left behind.

Shannon was completely saddened by what she saw and headed straight home. She explained to her husband, Eddie Kochara, about what she had just seen.  Rather than being upset, or simply talking about it on social media, they opted to do something about it.

Without hesitation the Kochara family rolled up their sleeves, loaded the trailer with tools, and headed to the memorial site to fix what someone else attempted to destroy.

This is not the only occurrence of such a good deed in the Victor Valley, but Victor Valley News felt that this was special and would, with other local businesses thank them.

The Pizza Factory, located at 14135 Main St, Hesperia would like to give the family :  1 Pizza Blast Special (1 XL two topping Pizza, Family Salad, Twisted Stix, 2 liter of soda). Azmi Lubna Alsanam with Simple Auto Sales and Insurance has $50 cash for the family to use as they choose, they are located at: 17085 bear valley rd Hesperia. Ken Davis with A Touch for Your Health, located at:  16808 Main St Suite B in Hesperia is offering 1/2 hr. deep tissue massage for each for Eddie and Shannon Kochara.

Thank you to the businesses that helped make this possible and most of all thank you to the Kochara family!


Hesperia Family Restores Vandalized Roadside Memorial Remembering the Family of Five

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