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Victor Valley Benefitting From Latest Series of Storms

VICTOR VALLEY – The latest series of storms that has covered local mountains in snow is also recharging local aquifers. At the height of the rain, stream water gauges at Deep Creek and West Fork experienced surface flows as high as 5,000 cubic feet per second, according to data collected by the Mojave Water Agency.

Rain gauge readings as of this morning (before noon) show ranges of .81 inches at the gauge located at the Phelan Pinion Hills Community Services District, .74 inches in Adelanto, .68 inches at gauges in Apple Valley and Helendale, and .45 in the Brentwood area of Victorville.

Water flowing Sunday along the Mojave River at the Bear Valley Road Bridge near the Jess Ranch Marketplace was not a result of this set of storms, but from water released from Silverwood Dam.

To find out more about groundwater recharge click on the link and then scroll down:

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