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VEGANBURG, first-ever plant-based burger joint all set to launch a new restaurant in Hesperia – A High  Desert Location


VEGANBURG, a pioneer in the world of 100% plant-based burger joints, is excited to announce the grand opening of its latest outlet, located in the picturesque High Desert region, Hesperia, California. The Grand Opening is scheduled during the first quarter of 2024.

Hesperia, CA – Founded on October 10, 2010, VEGANBURG has been at the forefront of the global plant-based revolution. VEGANBURG is the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint.

With a mission to promote inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability through globally-inspired plant-based recipes, VEGANBURG is redefining veganism and comfort food for the betterment of our planet.

With VEGANBURG, “Everyone A Planet Warrior”. 

The new outlet in Hesperia offers residents and visitors in the High Desert region a taste of VEGANBURG’s commitment to delicious and sustainable dining.

The grand opening of the Hesperia location presents an opportunity for locals and travelers alike to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the fusion of flavors from around the world, all while promoting a sustainable future.

Located between the Inland Empire area of California and Nevada, this newest installment of VEGANBURG will bring a much desired taste to a rapidly growing neighborhood. Located inside the prominent Lewis Group: High Desert Gateway (12699 Main Street, #130, Hesperia, California 92345) gives our fellow Planet Warriors a quick dining experience, accessible by one exit off the Interstate 15 Freeway.  

The franchise location is proudly woman-owned and family-operated by Dee Johnson, a successful entrepreneur, with the support of her husband Will Johnson (Co-Franchise Owner) and her sister, Lisa Gray, who will serve as VEGANBURG Hesperia’s Franchise Manager.

Dee Johnson is passionate about educating and providing opportunity to the masses through alternative food habits that will impact the community in a positive way.

Having over a decade of experience in the food industry, Dee contributes this bold step of owning and growing a Vegan franchise to her desire to change the foundation of her husband’s health.

Dee believes that starting within is the key to success throughout. Hesperia became the ideal destination after research proved that it is an area in need of such an establishment, with no public plans for such a restaurant in the future for the region…until now. 

“The journey began with a deeply personal inspiration – my husband’s health.”, says Dee. “Eight years ago, my husband made a conscious decision to embrace a Pescatarian lifestyle, eliminating red meat and poultry from his diet. It was a choice rooted in his pursuit of a healthier life. As I watched him navigate this journey, I became increasingly aware of the health benefits associated with plant-based diets. We discovered the remarkable benefits of veganism – improved heart health, lower cholesterol, and enhanced overall well-being. Witnessing his transformation was a powerful motivator for me to open a vegan restaurant, not only for him but for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.”, she continued.  

As VEGANBURG continues to sow the seeds of change, their commitment to sustainability and community shines through.

The essence of VEGANBURG’s culture is firmly rooted in their core values, which extend not only to their actions but also to the diverse communities that rally behind them.

Each burger crafted by VEGANBURG is a labor of plant-based love, featuring a fiber-fueled bun, farm-fresh greens, plant protein patty, and gourmet sauce, ensuring every bite bursts with wholesome and natural bold flavors. 

With one of the standout features of VEGANBURG’s new Hesperia location being its  accessibility to those traveling to and from Las Vegas, it quickly sets itself up as a drive- through destination.

It is an ideal pit stop for those looking to savor an eco-friendly meal,  making it a convenient choice for road trippers on the go, as well as those who reside nearby. 

Alex Tan, the Founder of VEGANBURG said: “In the spirit of 100% plant-based love, we founded VEGANBURG with a simple but powerful belief: that we can change the world, one burger at a time, and build a community of planet warriors who champion sustainability and inclusivity. Our journey continues, and our new Hesperia location is another milestone in our mission to redefine veganism, comfort food, and the way we care for our planet.”  

VEGANBURG’s arrival in Hesperia represents a significant milestone in the plant-based food movement, emphasizing their dedication to creating a monumental impact, one burger at a time. With the grand opening scheduled for the early 2024, locals and visitors can look forward to an experience that embraces the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and a commitment to building a better future for our planet.  


Since its founding in October 10, 2010, VEGANBURG has led the charge in the global plant- based food revolution. VEGANBURG is not just a burger joint; it’s a movement committed  to redefining veganism and comfort food for a sustainable future. VEGANBURG’s mission is simple: to inspire change, one burger at a time. 




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