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UPDATE: Tragic End to Phelan Man with a Gun Incident

PHELAN-( On May 14th at approximately 6:00 P.M., a suicidal man paced around his property armed with a hand gun.

Per scanner traffic, when the Sheriff’s helicopter was over head he described the male as wearing, “a long sleeve blue sweater, possible hoodie, jeans, tan shoes, white male with brown hair and beard. Look’s like a semi automatic weapon to his right temple. It’s pointing in the north-east direction.”

The distraught man brought a heavy presence of deputies to the area of Coyote and Smith Road in Phelan. After approximately three hours deputies decided to leave because he was not breaking any laws.

The mans wife along with their three children, were evacuated from the home. A few other area neighbors were also evacuated due to the incident.

According to reports the 29-year-old Phelan man was talked into going back into his home by a neighbor.

“The deputies just left him alone, he needed help,” cried his wife, Alvina Guerrero.

The following morning, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer, Pam Hoffman, the man called the Sheriff’s Department in the morning.

“He called to see where his family was, he had no one,” cried Guerrero.

The man, later identified as Teddy May, went on about his day until about 6:00 P.M., when as deputies arrived he shot himself in the head. Medical aid was immediately requested, but the man was pronounced deceased at the scene shortly after. May was the sole provider for his wife and the three children, a 2-year-old son, a 6-year-old son and a 14-year-old stepdaughter.

At this time Guerrero does not know what to do, and can not believe that this is now all left in her hands. She is concerned for her children, and wondering if the deputies would have waited and taken him in for a mental hold if this could have ended differently.

She told Victor Valley News that prior to Thursday, May 14th, there were no signs of mental illness.

The heartbroken family is left to move on without the head of their household. If anyone would like to lessen the financial burden during this difficult time, an approved gofundme account has been set up on the family’s behalf. Link: Help Mrs. May and her 3 young kids

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