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Two Arrested for Theft of Devore Interchange Construction Materials



( On November 3rd 2014 deputies from the Central Station responded to a report of a theft of construction materials at the 215 and 15 freeway interchange in Devore. The suspects, Devon Williams, 23 from Adelanto and Jamell Morrow, 23 from Rialto drove into the Cal Trans construction site where the materials were stored. The loss was estimated at over $10,000.

Approximately an hour later, sheriffs responded to a call near Highway 395 near Goss Road in Victorville, where a tow truck had been dispatched to repair a flat tire on a Uhault truck. The tow truck driver had seen the items inside the back of the Uhaul truck and felt that they were strange causing him to report what he had seen. Deputies made contact with the occupants of the U-Haul truck and were able determine that the occupants were the suspects that were in possession of the stolen construction materials stolen earlier that day from the Devore construction site. The victim of the theft responded to the scene and identified the materials as the items stolen.

Both suspects were taken into custody and booked into the High Desert Detention Center for Grand Theft and Possession of Stolen Property with $50,000 bail.