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Turkey Vultures Trek Through the Victor Valley



Local wildlife enhusiast Rachel Woll share’s the following:  If you have looked to the morning or evening skies any time in the last 2-3 weeks you likely have seen large black birds circling overhead. Commonly called “buzzards” we are experiencing the migration of the Turkey Vulture, through the Mojave River Corridor, as they trek towards San Diego, Mexico or Arizona for the winter season.
These magnificent birds bear a 6 foot wingspan and the largest olfactory cavity of any bird. They eat carrion as well as fruits, insects and decaying vegetable matter. They are non aggressive, and pose no threat to the Victor Valley. They do, however, put on a magnificent areal display that can be seen with animals numbering a few hundred to nearly 1500!
So as they rest here on their journey- bid them safe journey and enjoy one of the yearly migration patterns of animals that cross the Victor Valley.
Fact sheet below courtesy of High Desert Wildlife:

Photo: Rachel Woll


Photo: Erica Lancaster

Photo: Erica Lancaster

Turkey Vulture

Photo: Erica Lancaster

Photo: Erica Lancaster
Photo: Erica Lancaster