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Tune in and Watch Valley Hi Toyota Announce Winner of Prius LIVE

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VICTORVILLE:( Valley Hi Toyota is at it, yet again. On Tuesday, June 9th at 1:00 p.m., the local dealership that has given 8 cars in about a year, will be announcing winner #9 LIVE on their website during a streaming broadcast.

“I think it’s pretty exciting that we can select the winner where someone will have a chance to hear their name called live,” says Todd Stokes, General Manager at Valley Hi Toyota. “I was unable to be there when Brian made the call when he announced Gloria as March’s winner, but I’m definitely going to be pleased to select the winner of the Prius.”

This is the first hybrid vehicle that the Victorville dealership will be giving away. The contest was announced back in April on Earth Day.

“It was just a perfect day to announce the giveaway car,” says Brian Ortega, Social Media Manager at Valley Hi Toyota. “I’ve been pushing for a Prius for a while. When management gave the go ahead, I scrambled to get things ready for the Earth Day announcement.”

The time is here where contestants and family of contestants can watch the winner’s name be chosen. “We were so happy that Gloria was actually watching the broadcast when we randomly selected her name. She said she couldn’t believe that she won.” said Brian Ortega.

Valley Hi Toyota will be hosting the live streaming event on their website here ( and for the first time ever, using the live streaming app called Periscope, which is available on the App Store, as well as the Google Play Store.

“This will be a hit or miss, but I know this is the future of advertising, using live streaming. Video is so popular right now in social media. Viewers can follow us @valleyhitoyotas, and even be able to interact with us during the announcement”, Ortega continues.

Viewers will want to stick around even if their name is not chosen because two announcements will be given with more opportunities. Ortega says, “Many people already know of one of our announcements. It was sent in an email specific for them. The other contest has to do with this time of year. So proud parents in 2015 will definitely want to participate in this contest.”

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