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Truck Stop Evacuated Due to Hydrochloric Spill

MapsOak Hills: A Pilot truck stop located at 8701 US-Highway 395 and Three Flags road has been evacuated due to a hydrochloric acid spill, reported on Monday just after 5pm.

Per scanner traffic approximately 100 gallons have spilled onto the floor. The mixture is reported to be 35% solution. Hazmat teams have been requested to help clean up the spill. At this time it’s unknown if anyone has been exposed.

It’s also believed a driver may have ran over a pump causing the spill. The Pilot truck stop has been evacuated and remains closed to turn off the spill and clean up the contaminated area. A command post has been set up in the parking lot. More details regarding the incident will be updated as they become available.

What is Hydrochloric Acid?

Hydrochloric acid, or muriatic acid is a very common acid that is formed when Hydrogen chloride when hydrogen chloride dissolves in water.

Both hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid are corrosive and may cause burns on contact.
Image: Google Maps

What are the health concerns with exposure to this?

This acid is very corrosive on contact, and if the skin is exposed, it can cause severe burns to the skin, or digestive system or blindness if a person comes in direct contact with the liquid form of the acid.

The vapor of HCl can cause coughing, hoarseness, shortness of breath, spasm of the larynx, sores in the respiratory tract, and even fluid build-up in the lungs if a very concentrated amount is inhaled.

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