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Truck Crashes into Hesperia Home

HESPERIA:( A local Hesperia family, is in the process of cleaning up after a truck came crashing into their family residence. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon near E Avenue in an area of Hesperia with many hills known as the Mesa.

According to Alexandria Drabek, the purple colored Ford truck was parked across the street on a long steep driveway. A male doing work on the house forgot to put the emergency brake on and it rolled in reverse down the driveway, eventually crashing into her home.

“I was inside my house and it sounded like a big boom,” stated Alexandria.

The truck crashed into a bedroom/office near the front door of the home. Thankfully nobody was inside at the time of the impact and no injuries were reported.

The registered owner of the truck assumed all responsibility and has offered to pay for the repairs. At this time the exact amount caused in damages is unknown.

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