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Traffic Halted Due to Multi-Vehicle Collision on I-40

NEWBERRY SPRINGS:( At 10:18 a.m. a multi-vehicle collision occurred on the Eastbound Interstate 40 and Fort Cady Road in the area of Newberry Springs. The accident involved 7 semi-trucks and 3 passenger vehicles. A ruptured fuel tank was reported on one of the semi-trucks causing a spill of approximately 70 gallons of fuel onto the roadway.

No details have been provided as to the cause of the accident although a witness reported that a Hummer possibly hit the back of one of the semi-trucks.

A total of 9 patients were transported for injuries to different hospitals. At this time no major injuries have been reported, we will update information as it is received.

(photo contributed by: Michele Edwards-Banks via VVN)
(photo contributed by: Michele Edwards-Banks via VVN)

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