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Town of AV Household Hazardous Waste Disposal



ShowImage (3)Household hazardous waste, or HHW, is made up of materials generated during operation of an ordinary home that cannot be disposed of in landfills.  Many materials that are relatively safe to use alone can become toxic or reactive when combined with other substances.  Ammonia, for instance, combined with types of scouring powder can produce chloramine, a toxic gas.  Your home does not need this type of reaction — but neither does the landfill.

The Town of Apple Valley HHW facility is open to the public for free drop off of household hazardous waste every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with exception to the following dates:

-March 22, 2014

-May 31, 2014

[box type=”info” ]Types of materials accepted without charge include: pesticides · wood preservatives · auto batteries · photographic supplies · medications · paint thinners · auto and furniture polish · household batteries · herbicides · medicines · drain cleaners · antifreeze · fertilizers · poisons · chemicals · oil and latex paints · TVs · used motor oil · used oil filters · hobby/art supplies · computer monitors · aerosol cans · oven cleaner · batteries · fungicides · stump remover · rodent poisons · diesel · gasoline · fuels · transmission fluid · pool chemicals · adhesives · sealers · solvents · small electronics · home-generated medical sharps[/box]

In recent years, many common materials such as televisions, computer monitors, small electronics (hair dryers, toasters) batteries, and so forth, have been banned from disposal in landfills.  This happens when an item leaks a hazardous material such as lead, polychlorinated biphenyls, cadmium, etc., when tested by the Department of Toxic Substance Control.  As a result, these materials may no longer be disposed of in landfills but must be handled separately.  Apple Valley also accepts small electronic items from residents during HHW collections.

NOTICE:  As of September, 2008, household-generated medical sharps  (syringes, lancets, etc.) may no longer be disposed of in the trash.  Check with your doctor or pharmacy to see whether an alternative program will accept them.  These can also be turned in to the HHW facility on collection days.  Sharps can only be accepted in “approved containers” designed for medical sharps.  These are also available free of charge at the HHW facility.

Tires are another common material that may NOT be disposed of in landfills.  The Town has provided free Tire Amnesty Days for several years, depending upon grant support.  No Tire Amnesty Days are currently scheduled.  As soon as funding is available to provide tire collection days, information will be posted on this website.

If you have any questions concerning recycling a specific materials, please call 760-240-7000 x 7521.

Note: Materials may only be accepted from households.  No business waste is accepted.  Also, no biohazardous waste or radioactive waste may be accepted.

To learn more about how to handle hazardous business waste, contact the San Bernardino County Fire Department at 1-800-OILY CAT.