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Town of Apple Valley Purchases Historic Hilltop House



Hill Top House in Apple Valley

APPLE VALLEY-( The town of Apple Valley made a fortuitous announcement of their purchased the Newton T. “Newt” Bass, “Hilltop House” on the March 8th Town Hall Meeting agenda.

 The purchase came just months after the January 8, 2016, complaint that the town filed with the San Bernardino Superior Court, citing the long list of significant code violations on the property.

Apple Valley officials showed concerns, stating that the home fell into despair and has become a hangout for vandals, and others seeking a location to commit crimes. The property was deeded over to 360 Apple West, LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Corporation in 2000, who the Town of Apple Valley alleged made no effort to restore or maintain the property.

According to the town of Apple Valley’s Public Relations specialist,  Charlene Engeron the town of Apple Valley made an offer of $310,000 to purchase the home and according to town officials the owner of the property accepted. 

The funding for the historic 2000 square foot home that was most recently listed for $650,000 was provided by a National Park grant of $160,000 and the council approved matching funds for the price and fees to come from the general fund to cover the purchase and possible transaction costs.

The historic home was built-in 1960 for Newt T. Bass, who with his partner Bud Westlund, began much of the development in the town of Apple Valley in the 1940’s. The home, based on the value provided by, of comparable homes in the area of the same size is around $280,000.

Town officials want to remind the public that they do not have control over the property, which is still private property and cannot authorize access to the site and hiking is considered trespassing.

At this time, the town of Apple Valley will not disclose the future plans for the property or future funding , but town officials will say that they are hoping to add this as part of their park and recreation system. Their tentative plan will include walking and hiking trails for community use.

Engeron told Victor Valley News that escrow is expected to close in June, and the town will provide additional information at that time.