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Town of Apple Valley unveils electric vehicle charging stations

Apple Valley, CA – August 8, 2017: Electric car owners can bolt over to Apple Valley Town Hall for a charge now that the Town’s two electric vehicle charging stations are available.

The Level 2 units were installed in front of the Development Services Building at no cost to the Town, thanks to a $19,244 grant from the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District. Most commercially available electric vehicles have the ability to charge using AC Level 1 and 2 charging equipment. Although Tesla vehicles do not use the J1772 charge ports used for Level 2 chargers, they do sell an adapter.

“From Teslas to Fords, and from Nissans to Chevys, we are seeing more and more electric vehicles on our local roadways,” said Director of Public Works Greg Snyder. “This convenient location will allow drivers of electric vehicles to swing by, plug in and either do business at the town, take a swim in the pool, play in the park, have lunch or do some shopping in The Commons retail center across the street.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, charging equipment for plug-in electric vehicles is classified by the rate at which the batteries are charged. Charging times vary based on how depleted the battery is, how much energy it holds, the type of battery and other factors. Level 2 charge stations typically provide 10 to 20 miles of range per one hour of charging.

“With more than 65% of our region’s air emissions originating from motor vehicles, the MDAQMD is proud to partner with the Town of Apple Valley in bringing EV infrastructure to the High Desert and promoting the use of clean, zero-emission vehicles in our communities and highways,” said MDAQMD Executive Director Brad Poiriez.

With the handy payment kiosk, users can get a boost for their vehicle at the rate of $1.25 per hour, which is sold in one-hour increments. This payment schedule was set to cover the cost of the electricity and any administrative costs the service might incur.

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