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Tow Truck Catches Fire While Towing Vehicle

Photo By: Miguel Castellanos
Photo By:
Miguel Castellanos

OAK HILLS-( At approximately 3:49 P.M., on Monday, June 15th dispatch received a report of a gold-colored tow truck that was on fire on the I-15 northbound, just north of Oak Hill.

The tow truck, that had a vehicle in tow was reported to be on fire on the right hand side of the road.

“Coming up the hill I told the driver to stay on the truck lane next thing you know he asks, “do you smell something” some guy in a green car honked from across the barrier pointing at us, I look back and I see flames,” said Miguel Castellanos, the owner  of the vehicle being towed.

The tow truck occupants were able to safely exit out the truck uninjured.

Per CHP logs, at 4:36 P.M., the Oak Hills on-ramp was temporarily shut down to northbound traffic in order remove the vehicles from the roadway.

Photo By: Miguel Castellanos

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