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Tips to Help you Beat the Heat

VICTOR VALLEY:( Although the end of summer is nearly approaching, marked by the September 22nd “end of summer” date, the Victor Valley has still not been able to shut down their air conditioning or start packing away the summer clothes. If you love hot summer weather the next 5 days will not disappoint with temperatures from the mid to high 90’s.

The desert is known for dry heat, but a couple of upcoming days consist of a low chance, but still possible showers accompanying the heat. With a severe drought, winter rains or even snow is the desire of many for the upcoming fall and winter months. So many are ready to say farewell to summer and welcome back the sweaters and jackets packed away through this long, hot summer.

How do you plan on beating the heat and getting through the remaining scorching summer days? Victor Valley News has a few idea to share:

  • Keep windows open during evenings and night hours to allow the cool air in. If you have fans use them to help circulate the air.
  • If your home is hot inside by evening time, open your window placing a window fan in the window blowing outward to pull the hot air out of the home.
  • Close windows early in the morning, close blinds, curtains etc. Keep the home as dark as possible, the less sunlight that enters your home the cooler it will stay.
  • If you want to avoid turning on the air conditioning, try taking a long cool bath, swimming or going to a library, mall, movie or a restaurant to spend the hottest hours of the day.
  • Dress in lightweight, and light-colored clothing.

What are some other things that you do to help beat the heat?

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