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Tilted Kilt Opening in Victorville; CONTEST!

(Okay movie buffs, “hidden” throughout this article are movie lines. Find them all, and correctly identify the movies they go with, to be entered to win a $25 gift card to the Tilted Kilt. We have two gift cards to give away. If more than two people find all the lines, winners will be chosen by random selection.)

VICTORVILLE:(VVNG.com)- Sports fans, food lovers, and enjoyers of fun; hold on to your butts, a new dining experience is coming to town. The Tilted Kilt is a pub and eatery that currently has almost 100 locations throughout the United States and Canada. They will soon add to that number with the opening of a Tilted Kilt in Victorville! Scheduled to open sometime in December or January, the grand opening will be announced closer to the date.

Titled Kilt’s Senior Vice President, Mark Hanby, talked with Victor Valley News while sharing his excitement and plans for the future.

Location, location, location…

Location scouting started over three years ago, and Hanby is thrilled that they are now only months away from the grand opening.

We identified early on that Victorville has what we look for,” said Hanby, “We love that working man and woman, and good honest hardworking people; (they are a) great fit with our brand.”

The Titled Kilt will be attempting to fill a current void in Victorville by providing an entertaining, sports-oriented place to enjoy your meal. The food is served by ‘Kilt Girls’, described by Hanby as a “sexy-fun” staff, while sports game play on giant televisions, and a huge choice of beer waits to be conquered.

We love Victorville,” Hanby reiterated.

Opening in the shopping center located along Mariposa road, the Tilted Kilt will be occupying the old Red Robin building.

We are going to blow everyone’s mind. No one is going to recognize it when they walk through the front door,” Hanby assured as he showed excitement about the remodeling process.

Great Scott!

A Celtic/Gaelic (a mix of Scottish, Irish, and English) theme runs the show, with men and women employees wearing kilts. From decorations, to beer and menu choices; you won’t forget what continent is rubbing off on you.

I’ll have what she’s having.

Known for their fun and attractive serving staff, people off all ages are welcome to enjoy a fun-filled night.

We are about fun,” stressed Hanby “Our whole brand is about entertainment and fun.”

Hanby said they are expecting to hire about 120 employees, with the hiring process starting by November at the latest. From “Kilt Girls” to cooks and bartenders, several types of positions will be available.

We are looking for young people that are hardworking; people that have fun and interact with our guests,” said Hanby in regards to who they look for when hiring.

We audition them in a casting call, and they role play of talking to guests at a table and that sort of thing. Have a big smile, engage with the guests and have a good time,” stated Hanby, “We want guys to come in that want to have a good time, we can teach you how to bartend and serve a table, but we can’t teach you how to smile and have a good time.”

When asked if any experience will be required, Hanby answered, “Some of the best employees, both servers and bartenders, cooks and bussers and you name it; they sometimes have no previous experience but they have a will to learn and they want to be there and we are gonna teach them stuff they wanna know.”

While not required, having previous experience in the food industry or in customer service will benefit potential employees.

Some people may have questions about what can appear as a sexually-fueled environment, but “kids are welcome” according to Hanby.

There’s a line we certainly never want to cross,” Hanby said, addressing potential concerns of diners who don’t know what to expect. Hanby describes it as “sexy-fun” and said while not officially branded as “family friendly”, all age groups and genders are encouraged to visit the Titled Kilt. The experience is kept at a PG to PG-13 level, and Hanby said that couples often come for dates, as well as large groups for a night out.

What’s in the box?!

What’s in the (cable) box, that is. Hanby laid down some big promises in regards to their sport-watching experience.

We will have the state-of-the-art, the very best audio and visual, in Victorville. We will have the best sports coverage anywhere in the city. It will be the best place in town to watch a ball game. We will have every package; if it’s on TV, we will show it,” assured Hanby, going on to talk of multiple flat screens throughout the establishment, some of which will include giant screens in the 80 inch range. High-quality audio will be accompanying the viewing experience as well.

Put Hanby’s audio and visual design skills to the test; throw on your team colors, grab some friends, and tell us about your experience watching the “Big Game” at the Tilted Kilt.

This looks like a good spot to rustle up some grub….Tastes like chicken.

There’s way more to the experience (than the girls),” Hanby stated, “The number one comment is ‘The food actually is really good’. They’re surprised almost! Everywhere in the country (United States) and Canada.”

The most popular item is the Gaelic Chicken. It’s made of two roasted chicken breasts served over a choice of mashed potatoes or fettuccine , and smothered in Irish whiskey-cream mushroom sauce.

Showing creativity with the restaurants theme, the Tilted Kilt’s ‘Irish Nachos’ lead the way on the appetizer menu.

Our burgers are the best you are gonna have,” Hanby stated confidently, “Our food is damn good. (We have) the best burgers around.”


Brandishing 30 beers on tap and local craft beers, the Titled Kilt offers an impressive drink selection for responsible adults. They also offer numerous other beverages, including non-alcoholic drinks.

Impressive statistics and big promises only go so far; it comes down to what the people love. We want to hear from you!

• How do you feel about the Tilted Kilt opening in Victorville?
• What are you most excited about: The staff, the food, the drinks, the theme, or the sports?
• What is your favorite kind of beer?
• Will you be applying for a job opportunity?
• What sport will look the best on the giant screens?


Sound off in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share with your friends. Make sure to submit your movie line answers to be eligible to win a night at the Tilted Kilt on the house!

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