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TikTok Door-Kicking Trend Sparks Concern in Victorville Community

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( – A Victorville resident is warning her fellow community members after encountering a troubling incident involving an attempted door-kicking, sparking speculation of a potential link to a trending challenge on TikTok.

Amid the various challenges on social media, a particular TikTok trend has gained attention, originating as a prank but carrying the potential for far more serious consequences.

Dubbed the “kick door challenge,” this viral phenomenon encourages individuals to forcibly knock on doors, or kick the doors before hastily departing the scene, leaving behind a wave of unease among homeowners.

The Victorville resident took to the NextDoor platform to share her concerns, publishing images captured by her home’s security camera and calling on her neighbors for assistance.

“Anyone recognize these kids? This is by the mall, they keep trying to kick the door in, came back multiple times,” Rubio shared, appealing to the community. “The other one was real good at covering his face. If they are yours, could you please ask them to stop? Thank you.”

Expressing frustration at the situation, her neighbor, Joe Murgia expressed his dismay, “Unbelievable that teenagers can’t find anything more productive to do like helping the elderly or shut-ins with some chores or mowing the lawn, I hope this kind of nonsense comes to an end sooner rather than later.”

Similarly perturbed, another neighbor, Phil O’Keefe, voiced his disapproval, highlighting the potential dangers associated with such viral challenges. “This is yet another stupid and very dangerous thing kids are doing as a result of dumb TikTok challenges,” O’Keefe stated.

Additionally, community members voiced the inherent risks posed by such acts, emphasizing the potential for grave outcomes and the need for heightened vigilance.

“This isn’t a poor little child problem. This is a police issue. Looks like breaking and entering. Like criminals. No sugar coating here,” remarked Patricia D.

In response to the concerns raised by Patricia D., Dorethea J. engaged in an exchange, emphasizing the diverse perspectives and potential consequences. “Patricia, key words are looks like. Which makes this so dangerous. When it could be kids doing too much! Which will get them shot!! Possibly killed. Because we all see things and situations differently,” Dorethea J. empathetically noted.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with viral challenges, emphasizing the crucial importance of open communication between parents and their children.

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