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Tie Vote Delays Appointment of Victorville Mayor, Becerra Named Mayor Pro Tem

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( – In a surprising turn of events at the recent City of Victorville Council Meeting, the appointment of the City Mayor was put on hold due to a tie vote. However, Liz Becerra emerged as the winner for the position of Mayor Pro Tem, a role she currently holds.

The meeting started with the City Clerk reading the agenda item and opening nominations for the office of Mayor.

Council Member Leslie Irving made the first move by nominating Liz Becerra as Mayor, while Councilmember Blanca nominated herself. Council Member Robert Harriman nominated the incumbent Mayor, Debra Jones. With the nomination period officially closed, it was time to vote on a mayor.

The nominations were then taken, and tensions rose as the council members cast their votes based on those nominated.

Gomez voted for herself, Harriman voted for Jones, Irving voted for Becerra, and member Becerra voted herself as mayor, and Mayor Jones voted herself.

Unfortunately, the motion to appoint a mayor resulted in a deadlock, with an equal number of votes on either side between Jones and Becerra.

The nominations were revisited, but no changes were made. However, this time around, Blanca Gomez nominated Leslie Irving, yet declined by Irving. The voting process ensued, resulting in yet another tie vote between Jones and Becerra, ultimately leading to the failure of the motion.

“Because there is insufficiency in votes, the matter will come before the council once more on December 19, in hope and expectation of gaining consensus,” stated Mayor Debra Jones.

The council then moved on to the appointment of the Mayor Pro Tem. Currently held by Liz Becerra, the role attracted multiple nominations as well.

Initially, Council Member Harriman was nominated for Mayor Pro Tem by Mayor Jones, but he declined the nomination. Subsequently, Liz Becerra and Blanca Gomez received nominations. However, it was Liz Becerra who secured a majority vote and was ultimately appointed as Mayor Pro Tem.

In response to the turn of events, Council member Blanca Gomez made a pointed comment. She congratulated Debra Jones, expressing that she would become Mayor by default, since Becerra is no longer in the running for Mayor and has instead secured the Mayor Pro Tem position. However, Mayor Jones defended the situation, asserting that another vote would be taken at the next meeting to determine the new Mayor.

It is pertinent to note how the City of Victorville is governed. The City Council follows the guidelines outlined in the City Council Policy and Procedure Manual. This manual sets the rules, policies, and procedures governing council meetings and day-to-day operations within the city. Chapter 2, Section II, Council Election and Governance, dictates the process for appointing the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

According to these guidelines, the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are appointed by a majority vote of the entire City Council. This appointment occurs at the first regular meeting in December of each year. If an appointment is not confirmed, the process is repeated until the Council reaches an agreement or the next regular meeting.

With the office of Mayor still in question, a decision is expected to be made during the next City Council meeting.

Until then, Mayor Debra Jones and Mayor Pro Tem Liz Becerra will continue to fulfill their respective roles, awaiting a resolution.

Stay tuned for further developments on this ongoing matter as the City of Victorville seeks to establish its leadership for the upcoming year.


Liz Becerra is a dedicated and experienced municipal government official with over 34 years of expertise in public works and infrastructure management. As a lifelong resident of Victorville, Liz has a profound love for her community and is committed to serving its citizens.

Born and raised in Old Town Victorville, Liz’s family roots in the area date back to the 1920s. She attended local public schools and earned her associate degree in public works from Victor Valley College. Following her passion for community service, Liz actively volunteers her time at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Old Town Victorville, participating in church-sponsored food distribution and charitable activities aimed at supporting local families and strengthening the community.

In November 2020, Liz was elected to serve as a member of the Victorville City Council, a position she considers an honor. She is dedicated to addressing the priorities of the citizens, including promoting youth programs, improving library services, and advocating for a greener city by supporting the use of electric vehicles.

In addition to her role as a City Council member, Liz serves as Mayor Pro Tem and represents the council on various boards, commissions, and committees. She is an active delegate to organizations such as CONFIRE, the League of California Cities Desert Mountain Division, and the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District Board. Liz’s involvement extends to regional authorities like the Solid Waste Advisory Task-Force and the High Desert Corridor Join Powers Agency, among others.

Liz Becerra’s commitment to Victorville and her extensive experience make her a valuable asset to the City Council, as she works tirelessly to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for the community she holds dear.

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