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Thieves Targeting Truck Tailgates (VIDEO)



Surveillance footage captures a thief removing a tailgate in less than 13 seconds.

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( A Victorville woman is warning other truck owners to be cautious after her tailgate was stolen from her pickup truck early Friday morning.

The 38-second video shows the thief pulling up to Veronica Rubio’s home near Highway 395 and Bear Valley Road at 5:48 a.m where her 2012 Dodge Ram truck was parked.

It took only 13 seconds for the crook to remove the tailgate before fleeing in a getaway van driven by an accomplice.

Susan Curci, a member of the Victor Valley News group, said the same thing happened to her husband’s work truck while parked outside a hotel in Hesperia, Thursday night.

The value of the tailgates range from $300 to $3,000 and can easily yield $100-300 to the criminals, but in some cases can be prevented.

Truck owners can deter criminals by using an anti-theft device which can be purchased for less than $20, potentially saving hundreds.

Rubio filed a police with the Victorville Police Depart and asked for others to be on the lookout.