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Theft Containing the Ashes of Hesperia Residents Deceased Mother

urn( Hesperia resident Vanessa Llanas went out-of-town on a short vacation to attend her brother’s wedding. Llanas returned her home had been ransacked, the thieves taking just about everything. It was not just the feeling of being violated or the loss of replaceable items that upset Llanas, what most hurt her is that they had stolen the urn that contained the ashes of her deceased mother.

Llanas said the Urn was taken inside a dark blue box. Llanas and her brother are eager to get her back and are asking the community for help. Their mother, Yolanda Molina Bedoy, lost her battle with Lupus on June 30, 2011 at only 50 years of age. “My mom was a woman of God, she was the sweetest person ever. She would give you her last dollar if you needed it. She was a very forgiving person with a big heart,” said Llanas describing her mother that she lost 3 years ago.

Llanas is hoping people will share her story and help her find the Urn that contain the ashes of the mother her and her brother loved so much.

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