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The Desert House : For Sale

If you ever wanted to live in “the most important architectural house you may have never seen”, look no further. Now you can own this beautifully designed masterpiece located in Joshua Tree, Ca for a cool $3 Million dollars

The house was designed by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg in the late 1980’s and complete in 1993. Since then the home has been lived in by the previous owners the Doolittles. Recently they decided to “downsize” and have already moved away to live in Utah.

A video posted on YouTube described the house as, “The Desert House: The most important architectural house you may have never seen. It is physically of the desert, a part of its surroundings. The strength of the hard and rugged protective shell exterior is drawn from the desert. The interior is a warm intimate space of flowing organic shapes wrapping gently around its inhabitants. Light enters through continuous openings that separate the towering concrete panels. The textures provide the touch and feel of the desert as materials were meticulously selected from the desert. The property highlights the masculine and feminine forms that are the hallmark of organic architecture.”

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Hugo C Valdez

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