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The Bright Future of World Gym

A message from The World Gym Family to the Victor Valley community,

IMG952785“There has been a lot of talk about two brand new gyms opening right next to each other. We are very excited for the future of World Gym. There has been false statements and we hope to clear up any misconceptions.

World Gym is 100% pushing forward. We are sticking by our community and our members. We are deeply saddened by the actions that have taken place. We have been threatened and people of the community have been directly lied to. We feel it is necessary to let the public know the truth of events that have taken place. We are beyond disappointed. We wanted to stick to being positive and focus solely on the communities fitness and the future of World Gym, but we now feel it is our duty to make sure the High Desert knows what they could be getting themselves into.

Our main focus is taking care of the community and being straight forward with our guests and members. We are worried about the interactions we have had with the recent corporate gyms and the financial consequences that will come to those who do not understand the contracts and dishonesty. We have no binding contracts. We rely on keeping members by service and quality. Many have already referred to us as David vs the Goliath. World Gym is pushing ahead full force. We take pride in the fact that our ownership, management, and entire photostaff are locally grown. We love to see members around town, whether its at the grocery store, church, and especially all of the High Desert Events. Look for our World Gym Jeep & Military Truck at the Upcoming Rockin The Desert Mud Run on August 24th.

The rates that our members have will never change. We keep it simple and honest. We want everyone to have the opportunity to relieve stress, feel better, gain confidence, and become part of our family. We run our business different then a large corporation. We understand that to have a successful business, it is vital to be honest and personable. We know our members by name. All of our efforts are focused on our current and future members fitness wellness. We have a rare gym atmosphere that will continue on with the new facility.

New World Gym Location coming soon! Located at 14600 Valley Center Drive Victorville CA 92395
New World Gym Location coming soon! Located at 14600 Valley Center Drive Victorville CA 92395

All of the recent competition and articles have brought new guests and members to our two current locations on Park Ave and Bear Valley Road. We are very excited for these next few months. The new facility is currently under construction and is being completely redone, inside and out. The building is designed by the local Architect Robert Martinez. The New World Gym Facility will impress the community with its design and architecture. For further information there will be a full press release coming soon.

We are the gym for everyone. Our members range from people who have never exercised in their life to those who compete in fitness competitions. It is amazing to see all different levels learn and develop. We are a team and a family. The gym is our home. We love to see families sign up together. It is exciting to see that our rates allow families the option to all become members. We are devoted to our members and providing service with sincere integrity. We appreciate the opportunity to express our worries with character.”

-The World Gym Family

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