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THC extraction lab found inside Oak Hills home; 2 men arrested

OAK HILLS, Calif. ( Two Oak Hills men were arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance inside their home, officials said.

It happened on Tuesday, September 26, when investigators from the Special Enforcement Division were inside the home at 6933 Thrush Street in Oak Hills and discovered a THC extraction lab.

Investigators confirmed a THC lab, utilizing butane for the extraction process.

Investigators seized evidence related to the THC lab which included 35 lbs. of marijuana, approximately 700 grams of concentrated cannabis (THC), 94 marijuana plants, and $3,900.00 in U.S. currency.

Eric Baren, 53, and Brian Pardo, 38, were arrested and booked for Manufacturing A Controlled Substance, with the possibility of additional charges after the review.

The investigation is ongoing and will be forwarded to the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office for a review of criminal charges.

The THC extraction process is extremely dangerous and has a high potential for explosion and fire, due to the use of highly flammable butane. This chemical extraction process is illegal and is a violation of California’s Health and Safety Code. Wax, Butane Honey Oil (BHO) and other forms of concentrated cannabis are the end product of THC extraction process. No method of THC extraction utilizing butane is safe, to include the so-called “Closed Loop Process.” Butane is considered a volatile substance which vaporizes into an invisible airborne gas and is commonly used by marijuana manufacturers to extract THC from marijuana plant material. The danger and probability of fire, explosion, severe injury and death resulting from the volatile THC extraction process serve as a reminder as to why no one should ever attempt this method, and it should not be permitted or allowed in any of our communities.

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