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Teen Brothers Graduate VVC With Double Degrees

VICTORVILLE:( Success doesn’t have an age requirement. Anybody can achieve their dreams at any point in their lives as long as they work and strive for it enough.

(Photo courtesy of Cecily McKoy)
(Photo courtesy of Cecily McKoy)

The proof lies within two young men from our very own desert. Gerald (19) and Hunter (17) McKoy will be graduating this year from Victor Valley College with double associates degrees.

Their philosophy: “Why waste time doing it twice?

Homeschooling and concurrent enrollment can take out the middle man of having to take repeat courses in college.

Hunter will be graduating on the Dean’s List while Gerald will be graduating on the Honor Roll. Both boys have been home schooled through private school law their entire academic careers. They took advantage of the concurrent enrollment system and, as a result, they graduated high school early as well.

In their free time throughout high school, Gerald and Hunter volunteered hundreds of hours at the Apple Valley Library and in the Town of Apple Valley as well as working for the town’s after school program. They’re very passionate about what they do. For example, Hunter wants to be the teen with the most community service hours before his 18th birthday. Their next step is to jump right into their career plans.

Two bothers hunter and gerald graduate vvc (Photo courtesy of Cecily McKoy)
(Photo courtesy of Cecily McKoy)

“We brought our kids up here and the only stories I was hearing was nothing but negativity. For example, poverty in the desert and people struggling. They [the community] need to hear positive stuff about how these kids can come out of struggle; they can make it,” a quote from Cecily McKoy, an administrator in the Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA).

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