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Team VVNG Shows the Meaning of Community by Paying it Forward



VICTOR VALLEY – ( Maybe it is just a spark of hope in a world so full of violence, theft and anger or maybe it is just that we are not always made aware of the good things.  This story is just a small recap on some of the beauty of our desert life, not just the beautiful open spaces and the sunsets, but the undeniable sense of community we simply can not deny.


On October 19th a woman desperate for resources to help pay her electricity bill before it was shut off reached out to Victor Valley 411 members. Although at times the public can be quite critical of those who express that they are going through a hardship, the post stood very resourceful and kind. Less than two and a half hours after posting, business owner Azmi Alsanam, with Simple Auto Insurance asked the young woman if she had any children. She replied that she had one child.   After her reply, Alsanam, offered to meet her along with his wife the following day at a payment center to make the payment for her. All he asked in return is that one day, when she can, that she also pays it forward.


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Victor Valley News, recently reached out to local business owners to sponsor our Thanksgiving Basket drive for those in need in our community. So far three business owners: Simple Auto Insurance, 1 Stop Fix and Print Post Plus have all stepped forward with very generous offers for sponsorship. Although quite a bit more are still needed, we are proud to say that these three businesses have stepped up showing that they support our community.
For more information on becoming a Thanksgiving Basket Sponsor, even private parties, please see:


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On October 28th, we shared a heart wrenching story of a five-year old Apple Valley boy fighting for his life while his family waits hopelessly praying and sharing to find the miracle needed to keep their baby boy alive.  There is still a battle ahead, more shares and more willing to order the swab kit are needed, but a small glimmer of hope is coming through the community. Ryan needs the shares to continue worldwide, there is no telling where his match will come from. Team VVNG has stepped up and based on past experience they will continue to share the story everywhere that they can think of to hopefully find more willing to order their kit from totally free or charge and pain-free. For more information about 5-year-old Ryan please see and share:


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The last story, showing beauty by bringing the smile to the face of a child. The story started off not so beautiful, actually it was a negative of story of someone stealing something low-cost, yet very valued to the little girl. A young mother reported the theft of her six-year-old daughter’s scooter. She asked nothing, but for people to look out for it or one for sale, because her daughter, that rides it daily was very sad about no longer having her scooter. Soon after a Victor Valley News member, Brian Bigbrd offered to buy the little girl a new scooter. The mother and daughter took him up on his very generous offer and now the six-year-old is back riding on her scooter.

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“Thank you everybody else for your kind offers I’m so happy to know there are kind people out there that do care for others I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet one of those kind people without knowing anything about me or my family’s situations you offered out a helping hand to my daughter and for that I am forever grateful and thank you doesn’t even show how appreciative I am,” posted the Linnie Trujillo, the little girl’s mother. The photo included with the little girl with a big bright smile on her face while holding her new Tinkerbell scooter was priceless. “Yay, I LOVE happy endings. We are so glad to be able to help put a smile on a child’s face and her Mom’s too. The Good Guys always win,” said Brian in a Victor Valley News Group comment.

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Next time, before someone asks something like “what is happening to our desert?” or saying, “I am moving from here as soon as possibly”.  Maybe we can share some of these stories of people paying it forward and caring about even those we do not know in our tiny, believe it or not tight-knit community.