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Suspect Steals Quad from Seller After Meeting Through OfferUp App in Victorville

UPDATE: According to a recent update from the victim, they have reached out to VVNG and confirmed that the quad has been successfully located. This positive turn of events came about after a vigilant witness spotted the quad in the same apartment complex.

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( – A Victorville woman and her husband are speaking out and warning others about an incident in which a person they met through the popular buying and selling platform, OfferUp, posed as an interested buyer and ended up stealing their quad.

The incident took place at approximately 8 p.m. on Tuesday night, November 21, 2023, in the Mountain Vista Apartments on the 15400 block of Nisqualli Road in Victorville. The couple had listed the quad on OfferUp with the intention of using the proceeds to buy Christmas presents for their children.

Promptly after posting the item, they received a message from an individual expressing interest. Assuming the person did not have transportation for the quad, and residing only a short distance away, the couple agreed to meet the individual to deliver the quad and finalize the transaction.

“He messaged me through OfferUp, asking if we could meet up,” the victim explained. Trusting the person’s genuineness, the couple decided to go ahead with the meeting.

To build trust, the suspect left his two cell phones with the couple while showing interest in test driving the quad. Considering this gesture and seeing no reason for suspicion, the couple allowed the suspect to ride the quad up the street.

“He told my husband that he was leaving his two phones with him so he could trust him with the quad,” the victim revealed.

Unfortunately, once the suspect reached the end of the block, he pretended to turn around and head back, but instead swiftly fled into a nearby desert field with the stolen quad.

Realizing the betrayal, the couple immediately contacted the Sheriff’s Department, who promptly filed a police report. The victim hopes that sharing their story will serve as a cautionary tale for others who are considering selling items to strangers through apps.

“We are extremely upset about this incident because we were planning to use the money from selling the quad to buy Christmas presents for our children,” expressed the dismayed wife.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his early 20s, sporting a black hat, jeans, and a sweater. According to the victim, he had a light mustache and appeared quite young.

Following the theft, the suspect blocked the victim on OfferUp, rendering the two cell phones he left behind useless due to being locked.

During the holiday season, as people increase their listings to earn extra cash, unfortunately, scams and theft become more prevalent. To ensure safety, it is advised that sellers and buyers arrange meetings at local police stations, either in the parking lots or inside the lobby, for a secure exchange.

Authorities urge anyone with information regarding the incident to contact the Victorville Police Department (760) 241-2911.

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