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Supervisors Approve Contract to Reduce Fire Threat

photo: San Bernardino County Fire Department

( A contract approved by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday will put crews to work clearing brush and creating defensible space around homes in the Hook Creek area of the San Bernardino National Forest.

“Focused projects like this diminish the threat of wildfires by removing brush and other undergrowth that allow fires to spread quickly in our mountain communities,” San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chair Janice Rutherford said. “In addition, removing vegetation around homes gives firefighters the space they need to protect those homes in the event of a wildfire.”

The $20,000 contract between the Arrowhead Communities Fire Safe Council and the San Bernardino County Fire Department represents a continuing partnership between the two entities to protect mountain communities from wildfires by removing fire fuels in targeted areas. The previous project, which wrapped up in September 2013, focused on removing fuels in an area adjacent to the upcoming project’s location.

The Arrowhead Communities Fire Safe Council utilized grant funds from the U.S. Forest Service to pay for the project. The Council is a nonprofit public benefit cooperation formed in 1999 to reduce the threat of wildfire through fuel reduction projects and public education.

source: San Bernardino County Fire Department

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