Suicide and Bullying Multi-Cultural Awareness Forum on June 18

ONTARIO: Community and faith-based organizations and the public who are interested in gaining knowledge on suicide and bullying are invited to attend a forum on the issues on June 18.

The purpose of the Suicide and Bullying Multi-Cultural Awareness Forum is to promote further understanding of suicide and bullying on a universal and multicultural level and to encourage mental wellness when dealing with these sensitive topics.

The forum will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 18 at the Double Tree Hilton Empire Ballroom, 222 N. Vineyard Avenue in Ontario.

The Cultural-Specific Committees of the Department of Behavioral Health in partnership with Riverside – San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc. will be hosting the forum.

Keynote presentations will be made by Dulce Peña, JD, MAOD, MA, PCC; Arnold Thomas, MSW; and Patti Cotton, MA, MAOD, PCC. Along with the keynote presentations, the Suicide and Bullying Multi-Cultural Awareness Forum will be comprised of 10 culturally-specific breakout sessions and a treatment-based suicide and bullying awareness panel.

For more information, contact Imo Momoh, Cultural Competency Officer, Department of Behavioral Health, 909-252-4069 or email

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