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Sudden Thunderstorms for Victor Valley Residents  A gloomy morning turned into thunder and pouring rain for residents of the southern portion of Adelanto on Thursday afternoon. It seemed like a calm enough day, when at approximately 12:25 pm sounds of thunder came followed by sheets of rain and hail. Surrounding cities, even those as close as Victorville, reported sunny skies as Adelanto was plummeted by heavy showers.

“Apple valley has thunder, and threatening clouds, but no precipitation,” said Becky Hooton, on the Victor Valley News Facebook group.

Winds are varying from 10-20 miles per hour, the current temperature in the Adelanto area is  68 degrees with a warning of heavy downpour throughout the day. The forcast looks as though these conditions will only stick around for the day, with reporting a sunny and windy day for Friday and cloudy with windy day with chance of evening showers for Saturday.

Victorville is also expecting some rain during Thursday afternoon through the late evening with temperatures currently in the 70’s.

“Hearing lots of thunder in Eagle Ranch now but no rain. My poor dogs are scared and in my lap,” commented Elizabeth Benson on a Victor Valley News Facebook group post.

Some in southwest portions of Victorville also reported rain.

“Pouring here west of the 395 in Victorville,” said Colette Dedman.

Victorville can look forward to a sunny, but cool Friday with highs in the high-60’s.  Saturday will also be cool in the mid-60’s with chance of evening showers.

Hesperia residents are experiencing only partially cloudy conditions with temperatures approximately 70 degrees. Hesperia residents can look forward to thunderstorms in the afternoon to evening hours. Weather on Friday should be a cool, but sunny day with temperatures in the low-60’s throughout the day. Night temperatures will drop to the high-40’s with low chance of precipitation overnight. Hesperia is also looking forward to a cool mostly cloudy Saturday with possible afternoon to evening showers. Highs for Saturday should only reach the low-60’s with overnight lows a chilly 38 degrees.

The town of Apple Valley will be having some rain from Thursday afternoon to evening.  Temperatures should reach the high-60’s and weather should be cloudy with some sun. Friday Apple Valley residents should prepare for a breezy mostly sunny day with temperatures reaching only about 65 degrees. For Saturday residents could look forward to a cool cloudy day with possible afternoon showers, highs only expected to reach 64 degrees with overnight lows in the low-40’s.

Surrounding cities including Phelan also reported heavy thunder and rain with some flooding for Thursday afternoon.

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